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Повномасштабна війна. Наші перші результати

It's the fifth day that we have a war on our land in Ukraine. Here we share what was done together with the SoftServe company and thankfully to the financial support of the company and associates.

* 450 bulletproof vests, 450 radio transmitters, 850 helmets bought and given to the Armed forces of Ukraine

* 4 vehicles with humanitarian help including hygiene appliances, electric heaters, blankets, dishes were sent to emergency shelters in Lviv

*50 unloading vests were made and given to our military

*30 000 construction bags bought and given to the military checkpoints of our defenders


* Volunteers of the fund locally buy and complete first aid kits for the combat zones. They fundraise for buying the current generator for the military hospital in Dnipro where our wounded soldiers are transported to.

* Right now colleagues are preparing the technical devices to cover the needs of Ukrainian Territorial defense and Armed forces

* The necessary personal protective equipment is bought all over the world to be provided for our employees and their relatives who joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine

* We help to arrange transportation of tons of humanitarian help for the needs of the orphans and children of crisis situations

And these are our first steps. Join us! Stand with Ukraine: https://openeyes.org.ua/en/projects/army_support

Повномасштабна війна. Наші перші результати